Is Dairy Good For You?

Research has now shown how dairy is not good for you. Especially industrialized dairy. In fact, people that have have more dairy are linked to increased hip fractures! There are better ways to get calcium. Our bodies actually absorb calcium better in a plant based form. Some examples of these plant-based forms are arugula (try Winter Potato Salad) chia seeds or sesame seeds (tahini – ground sesame seeds) Industrial dairy should be completely taken out of your diet. Industrial dairy or CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) cows are fed with no nutrition and if they are not getting good nutrition, then you aren’t getting any good nutrition from their milk or cheese. There are many reasons for removing dairy from your diet such as inflammation, growth hormones, pesticides, it increases inflammatory skin conditions and acne. To learn more about why you should stop eating dairy listen to Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast.

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