The Truth About Belly Fat.

I love to listen to podcasts on health and wellness.

Dr Hyman’s, “The Doctor’s Pharmacy” is one of my favorites. He recently had a great podcast on belly fat.

Here is a summary of his podcast, check it out for more information.

Belly fat, or visceral fat around the organs, is the number one cause of aging. It causes inflammation which causes all age related disease.

There is an increased risk of blood clots, it changes your hormones and it can change your brain chemistry and more.

The top foods that cause belly fat are flour and sugar, especially sugary drinks (soda, juices, energy drinks, sweetened coffees).

So how do you get rid of belly fat?

The number one way to get rid of belly fat is removing breads, pastries, pasta and any sugary drinks. OR what I like to do is crowd out the things you don’t want in your diet and replace them with healthy options. Instead of having toast in the morning, try chia seeds, oats and nuts or poached eggs on top of quinoa, black beans and spinach.

Stick to water with a squeeze of lemon instead of juice, add cinnamon to your coffee. Instead of sugar, try soda water with a squeeze of lime instead of soda. By staying hydrated, you will have more energy and have better energy than having an energy drink.

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