Zoodles with Vegan Pesto

I had two of my high school friends from Wisconsin visiting this summer and we had a blast making dinner with zoodles (zucchini noodles) and vegan pesto. You can heat it up or eat it at room temperature. So delicious! Serves 4 Zoodles – you can purchase frozen or make your own with a spriralizer.Continue reading “Zoodles with Vegan Pesto”

The 3 things that happen in our body when we spike.

I recently read the book, “Glucose Revolution, The Life Changing Power of Balancing Your Blood Sugar” by Jessie Inchauspe’ ” It was an incredible book that I highly recommend reading.  She is also on Instagram as the “Glucose Goddess” Here is a quick summary of the book. Basically too many glucose spikes in our bloodContinue reading “The 3 things that happen in our body when we spike.”

The Truth About Belly Fat.

I love to listen to podcasts on health and wellness. Dr Hyman’s, “The Doctor’s Pharmacy” is one of my favorites. He recently had a great podcast on belly fat. Here is a summary of his podcast, check it out for more information. Belly fat, or visceral fat around the organs, is the number one causeContinue reading “The Truth About Belly Fat.”

Is Dairy Good For You?

Research has now shown how dairy is not good for you. Especially industrialized dairy. In fact, people that have have more dairy are linked to increased hip fractures! There are better ways to get calcium. Our bodies actually absorb calcium better in a plant based form. Some examples of these plant-based forms are arugula (tryContinue reading “Is Dairy Good For You?”